Zinedine Zidane and Florentino Pérez hold Real Madrid press conference – live!

From ESPN’s man in Madrid.

Florentino... "We have not got the results we expected, so our responsibility is to put in place a solution."

Florentino: "You are returning to be with us as you love this badge, and all it means in their lives. When we offered you five days ago to return home you showed your love and commitment to this club.

Florentino: “We have a great squad, but after so many years of triumphs, we have not achieved what we expected. So we need to start working now on looking for a new glorious era, to recover our maximum competitive level. That is why we welcome our new coach Zinedine Zidane.”

Florentino: "The best coach in the world is returning to Real Madrid, and all madridistas are proud to have you back. You represent the greatness of this club."

Ok, we are underway in Madrid, with Florentino Perez getting us underway in full presidential style. Zidane is sat alongside him with Emilio Butragueno also there. It’s all been one big, horrible dream since May. Now they can live again. Applause as Zidane is unveiled and a storm of flashing cameras.

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