Why are Team GB so good at standing out while sitting down – and will the glory continue?

Great Britain’s best medal haul for 108 years came at London 2012 with an uncanny number of triumphs accomplished in sports by sedentary competitors. Will they lift us out of our sofas at Rio 2016?

When the British Olympic Association announced in December 2014 that DFS was to become the “official homeware partner” for Rio 2016 it was an irony lost on few. The bid to host the London 2012 Olympics was successful thanks partly to some schmoozing in Singapore but mainly for its mass participation legacy pledges and the promise to “get people off the sofa” – hardly the mission statement at DFS headquarters.

But rewind the clock to when the curtain had just come down on London 2012 and perhaps the logic becomes clearer. A nation of shopkeepers had sold itself to the world, the five-ringed circus was the biggest show in town and it was all made possible by Great Britain’s best medal haul for 108 years – an uncanny amount of which came in sports where competitors sit down.

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