When Kapil Dev hit 175 and inspired India to their first Cricket World Cup

India won their first Cricket World Cup in 1983. They might have gone out at the group stage were it not for Dev’s record innings

By Steven Pye for That 1980s Sports Blog

Kapil Dev wasn’t quite walking into the last-chance saloon when he made his way to the middle of the Nevill Ground at Tunbridge Wells on Saturday 8 June 1983, but India’s World Cup campaign had definitely reached a crossroads. India were 9/4 when Dev arrived at the crease. Sadly, for their supporters, that was what the scorecard read, rather than the odds on an Indian victory.

What followed was the very definition of a captain’s innings. Not only was it a match-winning contribution, Dev’s display in Kent turned the course of the tournament. From this point on, the Indian juggernaut had momentum and belief. If they could get out a scrape like this, anything was possible.

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