Thomas Bjørn: ‘We are privileged with a good life but this is sport’s dark side’ | Donald McRae

Golf almost broke Thomas Bjørn and even the high of captaining a winning Ryder Cup team was shrouded in his struggles with depression

‘I think you hide from it,” Thomas Bjørn says quietly of the anguish which has affected him and so many other professional sportsmen and women. Stepping away from his role as Europe’s Ryder Cup-winning captain in Paris last September, the 48-year-old Dane peels away the facade which conceals the raw problems of mental health in golf.

“When you’re a young man you hide your feelings,” Bjørn says. “You keep pushing it away until you can’t do it any more. I finally realised I had to get everything out. I had to have those conversations with myself in the mirror. I had to be so honest and strip things bare. When I went through it the second time I was receptive to my feelings, to building myself up again.”

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