The Fiver | The business end of the Nations League

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Fiver readers of a certain age and nationality will remember Turnabout, a daytime BBC TV quiz show that was as ludicrously complicated as it was utterly compelling. Despite nobody involved, least of all its host – erstwhile Football Weekly stand-in Rob Curling – appearing to have any idea what on earth was going on in its Sphere, Palindrome, Star or About Turn games, the show ran for 239 episodes across eight series and all involved seemed to have a very nice time. More recently, in their own attempt to put an end to the kind of meaningless friendlies that have long been the scourge of international football, Uefa introduced its own similarly complicated competition and called it the Nations League. Since its inception last year, England have played four games and advanced to this week’s finals and now stand on the brink of winning their first trophy since 1966 without, one suspects, many of their fans and possibly even players having even the foggiest idea why or how.

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