Stylish Frankie Dettori proves yet again no one is better on the big day

The Italian created history on the dual Arc winner Enable to land the Turf and is back at summit six years after career-threatening issues

Racing won’t stop when Frankie Dettori finally hangs up his boots, but it will miss the sense of theatre that seems to follow him around from one showpiece meeting to the next. It was not just what he did at Churchill Downs on Saturday that made it a Breeders’ Cup to remember, it was the way that he did it: with a flourish, and what felt almost like a knowing wink to his audience.

A jockey’s job is, in essence, quite simple: get your horses from start to finish as quickly as possible and hope that it’s the best one in the race. The difficulty, of course, arises when there are a dozen other jockeys trying to do exactly the same thing, and half a second is equal to two-and-a-half lengths. ow within sight of his 50th birthday, Frankie Dettori can still make all the difference.

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