Real Madrid left firing blanks as logic is imposed by superior Chelsea | Sid Lowe

It almost felt inevitable that Zinedine Zidane’s battered side would turn it around until Mason Mount sank Europe’s great survivors

There is a scene in Pulp Fiction where a man bursts from Brett’s bathroom and unloads on Vincent Vega and Jules Winnfield. Bullets fly until the chamber empties, the trigger clicks, silence falls and he realises that somehow they’re still standing and he’s the one that’s finished. Vincent and Jules look down at their miraculously unscathed bodies, raise their guns and with a single shot each he’s dead, leaving them to examine the bullet holes in the wall, Jules determined that his partner recognises this as divine intervention.

That’s Real Madrid, or so the story goes. Fail to kill them and they’ll be back; let them off and live to regret it, if you live at all. At times it can defy logic, unbelievable and yet so very believable. And at 10.45pm in Spain on Wednesday night, whether through incurable optimism, lingering pessimism or simple familiarity, it was possible to imagine it happening again. Despite all the evidence, or perhaps because of all the evidence, it was even possible to see it as inevitable.

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