Nations League: England fans behaviour in Porto ‘unacceptable’ says police chief

England fans clashed with police in Porto in a fan zone as supporters watched Portugal play Switzerland

The behaviour of some England fans in Portugal is "completely unacceptable" says a UK police chief, after clashes with riot police in Porto before Thursday's Nations League semi-final.

It was the second night that there has been trouble in the city.

Bottles were thrown at Portuguese fans in a fans' zone as supporters watched Portugal beat Switzerland 3-1.

Some fans are staying in Porto, which is 30 miles away from Guimaraes where England face the Netherlands.

The trouble comes just days after the Football Association released their 'Don't be that idiot' campaign, warning fans about anti-social and "embarrassing behaviour".

"The behaviour of a small number of the England fans out here continues to tarnish the reputation of the genuine fans who are simply trying to enjoy the football," said deputy chief constable Mark Roberts, the National Police Chiefs' Council football policing lead.

He said Portuguese riot police were deployed in the main square of Porto against a group of England fans on Wednesday night.

"It is believed the fans had been throwing bottles at Portugal fans who were watching the match in the same area," he said.

"This is the second evening in a row where disorder has occurred in Porto. Last night there were issues outside a bar, where bottles were thrown and minor damage was caused.

"The behaviour we are witnessing is incredibly disappointing and again I would point fans towards the recent video from the FA - 'Don't be that idiot'.

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