Mason Mount forces ‘honest scuffler’ critics to eat their words | Jacob Steinberg

The Chelsea midfielder demonstrated his full range of qualities: good movement, quick thinking and deft footwork in the Champions League win over Porto

A common misconception about Mason Mount is that he saves his best work for off the ball, winning over his managers by being a very well behaved boy when his team are under pressure. The teacher’s pet narrative sees the Chelsea midfielder portrayed as little more than an honest scuffler, relying on his pressing and energy to earn a starting spot at the expense of more exciting creators.

During the early days at Chelsea there were claims that Mount owed his place in the side to some mysterious connection with Frank Lampard. It sort of made sense. Consider the evidence: they both know how to score goals from midfield, which made it entirely reasonable to view Mount as some kind of Lampardian heir, Frank Lampard Jr Jr in disguise, and assume that he was forced to spend hours in the analysis room at Cobham watching every last one of the Chelsea legend’s goals.

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