Leader Owen Farrell the foundation of Eddie Jones’s new-look England | Andy Bull

Jones’s side look increasingly like their co-captain Farrell’s side as Saracens fly-half’s work-rate and fortitude prove key

They have gussied up Twickenham, building a new swooping facade on the back of the old East Stand and a pair of wrought iron gates with the words to Jerusalem stencilled into them around the other side of the ground. It looks a little awkward, all these pretty little frills on those brutal old pressed concrete grandstands, with their exposed pipes and endless zigzag staircases; the stadium is an odd combination of ugly structures and fancy flourishes, as if it does not quite know what it is trying to be. At least it is finished, though, unlike the team who play there. Eddie Jones has got another 12 months to go, and there are a lot of nuts and bolts left to tighten yet.

There was a lot for England’s fans to love about the way their team played. They were gutsy enough to grind out a win, even though their attacking play was so mediocre it felt, at times, as if they had brought a spoon to a gunfight. “When you get in those arm-wrestles someone’s got to give,” Jones said, “and we didn’t give.” Hopefully the RFU kept the booze flowing in those new hospitality suites in the first 40 minutes, because some of the rugby England played in that first half felt pretty sobering. They were utterly outplayed, and did not even make it into the South Africa 22 before half?time, never mind over their try-line.

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