Klopp and Pochettino go back to English basics in final that fails to fire | Jonathan Wilson

The Champions League final carried echoes of the scrappy showpieces at which English teams triumphed in 70s and 80s

For Liverpool this has been a season of two extraordinary statistics: 11.7mm and 64%. It was the former that denied them a goal (albeit a freakish one via John Stones and Ederson) away to Manchester City in January, and it was with the latter they won the Champions League. Neither makes much sense. That games can be swayed by margins as fine as that defies comprehension. But it feels at least as incredible that Liverpool could win a Champions League final with only 64% pass accuracy.

Liverpool are a team who worry about pass accuracy far less than many sides. Their pass completion rate of 79.9% in the Champions League was only the 21st highest of the 32 teams who reached the group stage and beyond this season. They are happy to take risks. They play at high tempo. They are exceptionally good at winning back the bal, which perhaps means they protect possession less assiduously than certain sides. They get the ball forward quickly.

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