Jason Roy sparkles again as England leave Bangladesh seeing stars | Andy Bull

Opener smashes 153 runs to set the tone for the World Cup hosts and suggest to the selectors that he could do something similar at the other end of the summer

The first of the sixes flew far over cow corner, across what must be the longest boundary in English cricket. The bowler, Mehedi Hasan, spun on his heel to watch it go. He stared after it as if he had spotted some distant comet, or perhaps a shower of them, since the second six went in a similar direction just a few seconds later, a little shorter and a little straighter this one, over long-on, and then the third followed right after, wider this time, nearer midwicket. It was as if the Perseids had arrived a couple of months early. There were 15 people in the field, and 15,000 in the stands around the ground, but at this particular moment, Mehedi looked so lonely he might have been walking solo across the Arctic.

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