India v Australia: Cricket World Cup 2019 – live!

4th over: India 11-0 (Rohit 7, Dhawan 3) Starc looks to be nearing his rhythm, sending down a classic one-two combination to Dhawan, first the bumper then the yorker, but the Indian left-hander navigates both well. The sucker punch is a length delivery outside off that Dhawan attacks on the up and drives unconvincingly but safely into the ring. No fireworks from either side to report yet.

John Starbuck has joined the conversation about the physical danger we put ourselves in when we take the field - or a net session. “Another nets danger is when you’re on a large practice ground and, while your nets are taking place at one end, an actual match can be happening elsewhere. This means that over-enthusiastic net batters can disturb the match by hitting high and long, with a possibly dangerous result for fielders. I’ve been ticked off for this sometimes, but curiously did not feel especially apologetic.”

3rd over: India 9-0 (Rohit 6, Dhawan 2) Oohs and ahhs in the field as Cummins adjusts his length and finds some extra bounce to catch the shoulder of Dhawan’s bat. The ball scoots wide of the second of two slips but offers some encouragement to the quicks that with enough back bend there may be some reward from what appears a very placid surface. There’s another thick edge later in the over, Rohit this time, but from a length ball that barely climbed over shin height.

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