In praise of Hernán Crespo’s goal for Milan v Liverpool in the 2005 final

Milan threw away their 3-0 lead in the 2005 Champions League final but Crespo’s stunning goal should still be cherished

By Emmet Gates for The Gentleman Ultra

When sport was cancelled during those uncertain days of the first Covid lockdown last year, newspapers and sports websites scrambled for content. There was no present to write about, so the only option was to look to the past: memories, games and goals were relived, re-evaluated and given more precedence than in normal times.

To that end, France Football produced a list of the 50 best Champions League goals. The usual mix of classics – Zinedine Zidane v Bayer Leverkusen, Mauro Bressan v Barcelona, George Weah v Bayern Munich – sat alongside some niche entries. Charles-Édouard Coridon v Porto and Lee Sharpe v Barcelona, anyone?

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