‘I was really upset’: the Spurs fan who for eight hours thought they were out

Gerard Sharpe’s plane took off as Raheem Sterling scored that goal. He landed to discover it hadn’t been ‘typical Spurs’ after all

Gerard Sharpe is a 58-year-old Tottenham lifer who thought that his team had run out of ways to torment him. He was wrong. His story comes from the night of the Champions League quarter-final, second leg at Manchester City and, in so many respects, it encapsulates the dramatic extremes that have propelled the club to the final against Liverpool in Madrid on Saturday.

Sharpe was heading home to Epping from Miami, after a cruise holiday with his wife, and it was a battle to keep the connection on his phone to the text updates from the Etihad. On the tarmac, with the flight about to take off, he finally lost it – just after Raheem Sterling scored what stood to be the winning goal for City in the 92nd minute. And so began Sharpe’s purgatory.

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