How yoga and hip-hop helped Fabiano Caruana challenge for the world chess championship

The aspiring filmmaker from Brooklyn takes on Magnus Carlsen this month as he aims to become America’s first chess world champion since Bobby Fischer

Chess has fallen almost completely from the American public eye in the four decades since Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky waged their Cold War proxy battle in Reykjavik, but another Brooklyn-raised prodigy is ready to bring the sport’s most prestigious title back to US soil.

Over the next three weeks in London, the American grandmaster Fabiano Caruana will challenge for Magnus Carlsen’s world chess championship. The best-of-12-games match will begin on Friday at the College in Holborn, with each contestant awarded one point for a win and a half-point for a draw. Whoever reaches six and a half points first will be declared the champion, earning the winner’s share of the €1m ($1.14m) prize fund, in addition to a 20% cut of the pay-per-view receipts and an undisclosed portion of the sponsorship revenue.

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