How Hearts are tearing up the women’s football template in Scotland

As Scotland get set for the World Cup, Hearts are ploughing ahead with plans to replicate their boys’ academy setup for girls

Any notion that Heart of Midlothian could recruit a key member of staff from Manchester City appeared fanciful until recently. So, too, did the sense that a major Scottish club would replicate its boys’ academy setup for girls. Kevin Murphy delivers an uplifting counterpoint to both cliches.

Hearts would have pressed ahead with the integration of their women’s side into the club’s main football department regardless of Scotland’s qualification for the Women’s World Cup. The wave of goodwill within the country on account of the achievements of Shelley Kerr’s team simply means this move is well timed. Murphy swapped City’s sky blue thinking for blue sky thinking when returning north to oversee a Hearts transition which will be formalised in November.

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