Football transfer rumours: Liverpool and Man City want James Maddison?

Today’s fluff is sceptical

The Rumour Mill sometimes feels out of step with the modern world, with the kids playing snake on their mobile telephones while listening to Smashmouth on their MP3 players and chatting away on MSN Messenger. We also often feel slightly at odds with who’s considered a top notch player these days, so with that in mind we do wonder slightly about the various stories this morning that report a very lengthy and extremely wealthy queue is forming for Leicester’s James Maddison.

Now, Maddison is a fine young player and has done well in his first season in the Premier League, but well enough to justify Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham – the Premier League champions, the Champions League winners, the Champions League runners-up and Manchester United – all apparently madly slavering to be the ones to pay £60m for him, as the Daily Star claims?

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