Firewalking and arrows: how Pochettino has prepared Tottenham | David Hytner

Maurico Pochettino believes in power of the mind and Spurs have walked on hot coals and run with arrows to their throats before facing Liverpool in Madrid

Mauricio Pochettino felt the tip of the arrow dig into his throat, in the groove below his Adam’s apple. Then, eyes widening and adrenaline flowing, the Tottenham manager charged forward. The arrow bent and snapped. Pochettino felt the surge of elation, of energy, of power. Now, it was the turn of each of his players.

“When you see the arrow, you think: ‘It’s impossible. How am I going to break the arrow against my throat?’” Pochettino says. “You say: ‘No, come on, I am going to kill myself.’ You put it with the sharp tip against your throat but then, bang, you come forward and break the arrow. The most important thing is to learn how you can prepare your mind. To be focused. To be proactive. This is the key in football.”

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