England are hosts but this Cricket World Cup belongs to everyone | Andy Bull

English administrators have failed to win over domestic cricket fans who follow the country of their parents’ birth rather than Eoin Morgan’s team

From the top tier of the terrace at Trent Bridge you could just make out the two flags flying from the house over the road, beyond the Larwood and Voce stand. They were tied to the balcony, one English, and one Pakistani. My curiosity got the better of me, and in the lunch break I went and knocked on the front door. I only wanted to know who they were supporting, but the couple who owned the place, Jane and Munil, insisted I come in and, although I tried, ever-so-politely, to stop bothering them, I ended up sharing the biryani they’d made for their friends who had come over to watch the game.

“So, umm, have you just come in off the street?” one of the other guests asked as I shovelled up their lunch.

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