Chess: Magnus Carlsen against Fabiano Caruana expected to be tight battle

Norway’s world champion is confident because of his superior head-to-head record but the challenger has been in good form

Magnus Carlsen and Fabiano Caruana begin their €1m, 12-game world championship series at The College, Southampton Row, Holborn, next Friday. Spectator tickets cost £55 and upwards per day, while online pay per view is $20 for the match. Other popular chess websites will provide free viewing, possibly with a delay in move transmission.

A close contest, for sure, and also a clash of different technical approaches. Carlsen said about his opponent in a recent interview: “ His playing style is very concrete. He calculates very, very well and deep. He is well prepared. And he loves the centre. Caruana often sacrifices pawns, gives his opponents passed pawns, accepts attacks towards his king in order to achieve control of the centre. So in terms of chess understanding, this is what I would assess that we are the most different on, he values the centre a lot.”

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