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Johnson should back England team for taking the knee, says Brown

Former PM says country should support footballers and ‘stop fighting these culture wars’Gordon Brown has told the government to support the England football team’s decision to take the knee before matches and stop fighting culture wars over “unimportan…


Punish Super League clubs for breakaway, say 60% of fans

Survey finds even supporters of the ‘big six’ feel their team should be penalised for attempting to form a separate leagueMost people believe the six English Premier League football clubs involved in the proposed European Super League should be punishe…


Photojournalism: Martin Argles | Guardian photography guide

Even as technology advances, the role of the photojournalist will remain the same: to expand our awareness of the worldModern photojournalism started to become possible with the arrival of the 35mm Leica camera in Germany in the mid-1920s. Magazines …


Top 10 crying moments from Obama to Gazza

Nothing boosts a person’s public image like a bit of well-timed blubbing, as Barack Obama has so ably demonstrated. Here’s a selection of the best – and strangest – celebrity tearsHave you seen Obama crying yet? Thanking campaign staff and voluntee…