Bukayo Saka offers England welcome spice in Euro 2020 preparations

The only Arsenal player in Gareth Southgate’s squad has shown his versatility and was dubbed ‘a slippery eel’ by the manager

For Bukayo Saka, it started as he bossed a finishing drill in training. Pierre?Emerick Aubameyang, the Arsenal captain, was impressed and he had the perfect nickname for him: petit piment, or little chilli. Saka may be small but there is quite a kick to him.

“Auba kept saying it and I kept scoring,” Saka says. “I was shooting with so much power and he was calling me ‘little chilli’ in French. From then on, he kept calling me it and it became a thing. Now it’s a big thing and a lot of people call me it. A chilli is spicy and I think that’s what Auba was going for. You’ve not seen my chain? It’s on my Instagram …”

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