Boris Becker: we should question the quality and attitude of the under-28 men

• SW19’s youngest male champion laments lack of challenge
• So-called big three have won 53 grand slam events all told

Boris Becker was 17 when he lit up Wimbledon for the first time, 34 years ago, and he cannot wait for a teenager to win the men’s title again. Indeed he is frustrated that no young star has broken the hold the ageing big three have on the majors.

Looking ahead to the 2019 tournament, which starts on 1 July, Becker said on Monday night: “We are surrounded by [potential] teenage grand slam champions. In any other sport people get younger. For some reason in tennis everybody takes a lot longer to be successful. And that has nothing to do with forehands and backhands. I am convinced it will happen. It should happen. This would be the only sport where it didn’t happen.”

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