Amateur boxing plays Russian roulette with choice of Rakhimov as president | Sean Ingle

IOC left with a big decision after a candidate described as ‘one of Uzbekistan’s leading criminals’ is elected to lead Aiba

Anyone who has ever stepped into a boxing ring knows it is generally not a good idea to drop both hands below your waist, stick your chin out, and dare a much bigger opponent to knock you out cold with their best shot. Yet that is what Aiba, amateur boxing’s governing body, appears to be doing after an extraordinary presidential election in Moscow.

Aiba knew the International Olympic Committee had “grave concerns” about the governance and direction of the sport. And that it really did not want Gafur Rakhimov, a man accused by the US treasury of being one of “Uzbekistan’s leading criminals” – something he strenuously denies – to be made president.

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