Zlatan Ibrahimovic and José Mourinho will make Manchester United winners| Hernán Crespo

At Internazionale I had a special bond with the Swedish striker and the Portuguese manager – they are great people with world-class football minds

It was incredible to work with Zlatan Ibrahimovic and José Mourinho. They are two winners with great personalities, two real football people. The Manchester United fans can really look forward to having two world-class people at the team, one on the bench and one on the pitch. The two of them can turn Manchester United into winners again.

That winning mentality is something that has been missing a little during the David Moyes and Louis van Gaal spells in charge and Mourinho, as a manager, is the ideal person to bring it back. He is a manager who always knows how to create something special wherever he has been. Ibrahimovic, meanwhile, is a striker who wins games for teams, as simple as that.

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