World Series fast turning into classic as Astros beat Dodgers in thrilling slugfest

If the wild, extra-innings slugfest in the second game of this captivating World Series was unhinged, Game 5 was certifiably insane. It was also an instant classic. The Los Angeles Dodgers’ formidable ace, Clayton Kershaw, was cruising yet let slip a four-run lead. The Houston Astros blasted two game-tying three-run home runs yet had to come from behind again … only to blow a three-run advantage in the ninth inning.

The World Series balls are reportedly a boon for power hitters and a bugbear for finesse pitchers and here was more evidence for that thesis, an evening of big blasts, bad pitching and momentum shifts that twisted from one team to the other in the swing of a bat. This is a series that makes fools out of anyone who makes assumptions. No lead was safe, no matter how big, no matter how late in the game.

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