World Series 2017 Game 5: Los Angeles Dodgers v Houston Astros – live!

I suppose I should give my predictions for today and, since this might be my last opportunity, for the rest of the series. I see the Dodgers winning tonight. Kershaw gives up less than three runs, the Dodgers take advantage of the sudden uncertainty in the Astros bullpen (I’m predicting no Brad Peacock heroics tonight). Then the Astros tie it up in Game 6 but that ends up setting things up for the Dodgers win the whole thing in a dramatic Game 7. That sounds about right. (Warning: Nothing in this series has gone right since Game 2 went sideways.)

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Will it be vintage Clayton Kershaw? Or a night that haunts him forever and ever: can't see much of a middle ground. @HunterFelt #LADvsHOU

As someone who just has cringed every time Kershaw has faltered late in his postseason starts I really, really, really don’t want to see him fall apart tonight. I hope it’s something closer to his 11 strikeout performance in Game 1.

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