World Cup 2018: Russia face Croatia in quarters, plus build-up to Brazil – live!

You have to feel for anyone who has the misfortune of being on the wrong end of a penalty shootout defeat. “The lottery of penalties” (don’t get me started on that as a phrase) is a cruel, cruel way to go out of a tournament. Just take a look at Sergio Ramos here, for instance, and tell me you don’t share his anguish. Anyone? Anyone?

Away from the World Cup, there’s has been some huge news in the US today – LeBron James has agreed to a monster deal to play for the LA Lakers! It’s a massive coup for the Lakers, but sadly LeBron still won’t be the biggest fish in LA’s goldfish bowl – as Zlatan Ibrahimovi? has been quick to point out. It’s almost as if the retired Sweden international has a sizeable ego.

Now LA has a God and a King!
Zlatan welcomes @KingJames

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