World Cup 2018: looking ahead to the last 16 plus England reaction – live!

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There may be no respite for World Cup livebloggers, but that’s not the case for the lucky buggers on the pod (some of whom might also fall into the category of livebloggers, admittedly). Max Rushden is joined by Barry Glendenning and Will Unwin to pore over England’s 1-0 defeat to Belgium and the rest of the games as the group stage came to a close, before they take a well-earned break (a break!) from recording for a day. Get your fix now.

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And then there were 16. With the footballing equivalent of wheat (Croatia? Uruguay?) sorted from the chaff (Panama, Saudi Arabia.... Germany) after 15 days that have seemed like about six, we find ourselves at the business end of the tournament. Sixteen teams gone, 16 left. Eight (give or take) mouthwatering ties to look forward to and more twists and turns than the big dipper next to Sochi’s World Cup training facility guaranteed. But first, an entire day of no live football to contend with. How on earth will we cope?

By firing up another liveblog, that’s how. And why not? There’s plenty to dissect from the final four games of the group stage, including England and Belgium’s team changes, Senegal’s disciplinary woe, a Japanese farce and Tunisia’s first win in 40 years (at a World Cup finals, of course). Much more on all that in due course.

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