World Athletics Championships 2017: Mo Farah goes for 5,000m gold – live!

KJT aces 1.95m with a perfect leap! It didn’t even graze the bar. She’s the fourth high jump finalist to clear the height, although the one blot on her card at 1.92m means she is technically fourth and outside the medals.

Britain’s Morgan Lake has a perfect card so far, clearing 1.84m, 1.88m and 1.92m comfortably. She raises her arms to get the home crowd behind her before steaming into her arced approach, but nudges the bar and it’s her first failure of the competition, at 1.95m. She is followed by the 19-year-old Ukrainian Yuliia Levchenko, who makes it look easy, and the teenager will join Lasitskene at 1.97m, as will the German Marie-Laurence Jungfleisch. Next up, it’s Katarina Johnson-Thompson.

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