Women’s Cricket World Cup: Australia favourites but England could go close | Vithushan Ehantharajah

Women’s cricket has made shockingly overdue forward steps since the last time England hosted the World Cup in 1993 and the tournament feels in robust shape

When the Australian fast bowler Cathryn Fitzpatrick retired in 2007, having enjoyed a successful 16 years of international cricket, she was asked where she sees the women’s game in 10 years. “On TV,” was her reply.

It was the type of no-nonsense response you would expect from someone who took 180 ODI wickets with the sort of pace that still strikes fear in those still playing the game. But not even in Fitzpatrick’s wildest dreams could she have envisaged that 2017 would bring the first Women’s World Cup in which all matches will be broadcast. “I was just looking to give a sharp answer,” says Fitzpatrick. “But it was the next step we had to make as a sport.”

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