Women’s cricket to stand on its own feet at milestone World Twenty20 | The Spin

Previous five WWT20 tournaments hung on the coat-tails of the men’s event but now it is going it alone and deservedly so

A few years ago, I took some friends along to watch a women’s Twenty20 match at the Oval – the precursor to the men’s match which would follow some hours later. As we entered the ground the security guard on the gate asked us why we were there. “For the cricket,” I replied, confused. “What cricket?” he replied. “The women’s match?” we inquired. His blank expression told a thousand stories.

Fast-forward to 2018 and in a few weeks’ time, starting 9 November, the Caribbean will host the first standalone Women’s World Twenty20. The previous five have all, in some form or another, taken place alongside the equivalent male event. Now, the women’s game will be given the chance to stand entirely on its own feet.

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