Winter Olympics women’s halfpipe snowboarding: Chloe Kim goes for gold – live!

Maddie Mastro is sort of the overlooked American here. She’s only 17 but was on the podium at the X Games and in several recent World Cups. She lands a 1080 ... almost. She can’t quite keep her momentum. She gamely finishes the rest of the run. Won’t be in the top three, but that 1080 attempt was a nice signal of her ambitions.

Score is 14.00. Two Americans in the bottom two places so far with three riders remaining in the first run.

Queralt Castellet (Spain) is in her fourth Olympics. Can she land a 1080? She starts with a couple of high jumps, lands a 900 and then seems to go conservative the rest of the way. Second place? Nope -- third, at 59.75.

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