Why the US men will never win the World Cup (and that’s OK)

The dream of USA dominating world football has been a dream for years. But structural and cultural issues ensure it won’t happen anytime soon

It’s only a matter of time, they tell us. The powerful economy. The changing demographics. All the kids who can’t remember when the USA didn’t have a pro league and Americans couldn’t watch the Premier League every weekend on TV. All of those things, they say, will propel the US men to global dominance one day, if we can only fix one or two things.

There’s only one problem. It’s not going to happen in a long, long time. Not by 2022. Not by 2026, when the USA may be a World Cup co-host, depending on the level of anger over US policies when the vote is taken in June. Not in the next century at the very least. And the women may not win much in the near future, either.

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