Why the Mets’ Matt Harvey has earned the right to be mediocre

Harvey hasn’t even been that, but if he can recover to a middling level, that will be enough fo New York in 2016. Plus happy birthday Big Sexy, Donald Trump is green all over, another Marlins mess, and more

Charles in New Jersey thinks Matt Harvey drinks too much while on the town flaunting his shoe collection, while Ron in Queens thinks Harvey has developed a bad habit of cupping the ball during his delivery. From talk radio to the broadcast booth to bleachers around baseball, fans and media in New York and beyond are trying to solve the sudden demise of the Dark Knight. It’s his weight, it’s the blood clot, it’s his attitude, it’s the lingering psychological impact of failing after convincing his manager to send him out for the ninth inning in Game 5 of the World Series, and of course, it’s his body’s blowback from a busy 2015 post-surgery season.

Matt Harvey, a franchise cornerstone who once lit up Flushing’s darkest days, who was once an undisputed ace, who was just mere outs away from that Fall Classic performance for the ages, hasn’t hit rock bottom, even if it may have seemed like it on Tuesday night in Washington. The Nats discovered that his third time through the lineup is a charm: ex-teammate Daniel Murphy and company teed off the righty, just as they did during Harvey’s prior start, a performance that has led to even more speculation.

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