Why protesting against the anthem is the ultimate sin in Major League Baseball

In a sport where patriotisim makes up the fabric of the game, Adam Jones is right to be concerned. Plus, three cheers for Yasiel Puig, Big Papi prepares to bow out, and Joe Maddon rides the Cowboy

Adam Jones works in a city that continues to experience racial upheaval, so perhaps it’s no coincidence that baseball’s most outspoken player on African American social issues calls Baltimore home.

Baseball is the sport that helped break barriers for black people across the United States, starting with Jackie Robinson’s debut in 1947. Nearly 70 years later, the participation of African Americans in the game, on the field as players, in the dugout as managers and in front offices as executives – where progress was always slower – is giving away the gains. Jones, who has spoken out before on racial issues, has little company: a lonely voice in a depleted sea of African American players.

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