Why Pep Guardiola’s time at Bayern Munich can only be seen as a success

Sceptics who judge Pep Guardiola solely on his Champions League results should recognise the good he has done for Germany’s football culture

By Jason Humphreys for Englische Woche, part of the Guardian Sport Network

The winter break may be a godsend to battered players, burnt-out managers and overworked ground staff, but, for football fans in Germany, there is only so much ski-jumping and luge you can watch. Millions of people up and down the country will have a big red ring around Friday 22 January – the day the Bundesliga finally resumes.

Another person who will be itching to get back to competitive action is Pep Guardiola. Six weeks without football can be a long time for a man with such obsessive tendencies. He will have had more than ample time to evaluate the first half of the season, tweak, retweak, and make several trips back to the drawing board, agonising over his masterplan for his assault on domestic and European success. It’s safe to say that Guardiola will be counting the days and hours until kick-off on Friday.

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