Why McLaren are right to give Jenson Button another year in F1

Britain has supplied 160 drivers to the F1 world championship and only 10 have won it – Button is a member of an exclusive club and can continue to show why
• Button and Alonso to drive for McLaren in 2015

Jenson Button’s continued presence in Formula One was confirmed on Thursday morning, much to the relief of his legion of British fans. Next year will be his 16th in the sport, and how much further he can continue to drive beyond 2015 remains to be seen. What is absolutely not in doubt though is that he has thoroughly deserved the 15 years of racing he has achieved thus far, alongside the acclaim, criticism and genuine affection in which he is held.

That there is no broad consensus on Button – he is highly regarded by many while others see him as an underachiever – is broadly reflective, and instructive, of his career. He is definitively better than his detractors claim but has also been subject to the limitations of his own driving style.

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