Why James is Taylor-made for the England position no player wants | Mike Selvey

Short leg was always one to be avoided if possible but the England man has made the position his own during the Test series in South Africa

A performance such as England’s on what proved to be the final day of the third Test can be defined in terms of a cocktail of technical brilliance and moments of inspiration.

Not for the first time, the first came from Stuart Broad, whose capacity to seize the moment continues to astonish, as if the force of his personality, as much as his skill, brings him wickets. The second came from James Taylor, whose two catches at shortish square leg, neither with a reflex time of more than half a second, were not just exceptional but match-changing. The bemused what-can-you-do half-smile that crossed the face of Hashim Amla as he departed the crease on the way back to the dressing room told its own story.

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