Why even $346m is not enough to prevent civil war in Australian football | Shaun Mooney

As expansion plans wither and the administrators dither, the clubs are aiming to wrest control of the A-League in a battle for the game’s soul

Despite a dream grand final that delivered drama aplenty, the A-League is about to enter into another tumultuous off-season as club owners fight to wrest control of the competition away from Football Federation Australia. With FFA so far failing to reach its broadcast deal target by over $20m a year, and the expansion of the A-League coming to a grinding halt, the owners have lost faith in an administration that is slow to make decisions and hides behind consultants’ reports.

For more than two years, FFA has been building towards the next phase of growth by focusing its efforts on increasing revenue via its broadcast deals and sponsorship. Plans were written, it launched a marketing campaign aimed at converting participants into fans of the A-League and arguably the greatest player in Socceroos history, Tim Cahill, was brought home on a multi-million dollar deal to bring much needed buzz to a competition many felt had become stale.

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