Why an NFL minor league will only ever be Jarryd Hayne’s dream

From Tim Tebow and Jonny Manziel battling for a place in the majors to four-point field goals, another league could work. But there are barriers in place

One of the great Australian athletes would prefer to extend his athletic career playing minor league football in the United States. Instead, it looks like he’s heading to play rugby in France.

Jarryd Hayne, the one-time rugby league star and now former fourth-string running back for the San Francisco 49ers, told the New Zealand Herald last week that he’d still be playing American football if there was a lower-tier league where he could get some in-game reps to more quickly learn the sport: “I need to be getting game time and you just can’t get that ... because of the way [the NFL] works. The offense is only on for a certain amount of time and then there’s five other running backs. If there was a second division team where I could get those mental reps of being on the field, 100% I’d go back to the NFL. I’m at the end of my career where I really [have] just got to get on the field.”

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