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“A recent Knowledge made reference to Willem II, a team from Tilburg named after a dead king,” begins Tom Paternoster-Howe. “This reminded me of my local team, Enfield Town, who play at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium, and it got me wondering whether other teams have royal connections in their names or their stadium names. I should say ‘excepting all the Spanish teams whose names start with ‘Real’’, obviously.”

Lots of answers to this, none more comprehensive than Phil Lacy’s, who has an unerring knowledge of Poland and Belgium. “In the Ekstraklasa, there are two teams harking back to a pair of Polish royal dynasties, Jagellonia Bialystok and Piast Gliwice. Jagiellonia are named for the Jagiellonian dynasty, who ruled between 1386 and 1596 following the coronation of Wladyslaw II Jagiello, formerly Grand Duke of Lithuania. Piast are named for the Piast Dynasty, rulers of Poland between 960 and 1370. It doesn’t end there, though. In the second division, we can find Chrobry Glogow, named for one of the Piast kings, Boleslaw Chrobry.

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