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“I found myself on the Wikipedia page for French football champions on a recent curiosity binge and found that RCF Paris (now known as Racing Club de France football Colombes 92) had won Ligue 1 in 1935-36, and now find themselves in the fifth tier of the French football pyramid,” writes Will. “Excluding clubs that have since dissolved, are there any national champions elsewhere who have managed to plummet even further down the leagues?”

“Sweden has a couple of examples that beat Racing Club,” points out Joe Murphy. “Sweden has a confused history of deciding the national champion. From 1896-1925 the champion was decided by a cup competition but a national league (Allsvenskan) was formed in 1924. These clashed with each other and the leading teams participated in the league over the cup in 1924 and 1925. (Incidentally, there were no official national champions between 1926 and 1930, even though the league took place. Only from 1931 onwards were the league winners considered as Swedish champions – excepting the 1980s when they had an American-style play-off system after the league). In 1924, Fassbergs IF defeated IK Sirius to become Swedish champions for the only time. Each of the last four seasons has ended in relegation for Fassbergs and they will play the 2017 season in Division 6 in Gothenburg – which is the eighth tier. Only the top two tiers in Sweden are on a national level and there are currently nine separate Division 6s in Gothenburg alone. On a national level, there are 68 leagues in tier eight and another 102 leagues above tier eight. That’s some plummet they’ve had. Their opponents, IK Sirius, won Superettan in 2016 and will play in the top league, Allsvenskan, in 2017. In 1925, Brynas IF defeated BK Derby and both teams now play in tier six.”

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