When was the last time the champions’ opening game was not televised?

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“In recent years the reigning Premier League champions have been featured on TV in the UK during the first weekend of the season, but this year Chelsea’s match with Burnley is a Saturday 3pm kick-off,” writes Mike Coxon. “When was the last time a reigning champion wasn’t on TV the first weekend of the season? For my money it would be the famous Wimbledon v Manchester United game featuring that goal from David Beckham.”

Well, it did involve a famous contribution from a United No7, but it wasn’t Beckham. The last time this occurred was in 2003-04, when Manchester United beat Bolton 4-0. The game is remembered for a dazzling debut by the teenage substitute Cristiano Ronaldo, who had signed from Sporting Lisbon a few days earlier. The live matches on Sky and Premiership Plus that weekend were newly promoted Portsmouth v Aston Villa, Leeds v Newcastle and Liverpool v Chelsea (who had just been bought by Roman Abramovich).

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