When Serie A title races captivated the world

Juventus are cruising to their eighth straight title but Serie A was not always so predictable

By Chris Weir for The Gentleman Ultra

“We thought that we had already won the Scudetto, but that is not the case,” shrugged Max Allegri a few weeks ago after Juventus fell to their first defeat of the season. That 2-0 loss at Genoa may take the gloss off their season but nobody is fooled. The title, for an eighth year running, is heading to Turin. With eight games to play, Juve are 18 points above their nearest rival, although the term “rival” is definitely pushing it at this stage.

When did it all become so predictable? This, after all, is the same league that gave Gabriel Batistuta just one Scudetto in a decade of domination; the competition that denied Giuseppe Signori, Antonio Di Natale and even Ronaldo a single league trophy. In better days, this was a battle fought gamely between footballing titans. It was the most exciting league in the world and here are five great run-ins to prove it.

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