When Saturday Comes in peril should bother everyone who cares about football | Barney Ronay

The only independent national football magazine to make it through the game’s boom times is now in need of a lifeboat

Who are the good guys anyway? It can be hard to tell. Compromise, commercial interests, good intentions cut with contradictions. Professional sport exists within this nexus. And nobody gets out of it clean. Or almost nobody.

Often villainy is the whole point. Take, for example, Edmundo, bad-boy Brazilian goal ace of the 1990s. In June 1996 the São Paulo Federation called Edmundo to a disciplinary tribunal after another violent sending-off. Fearing a ban, his club, Corinthians, took along a video of the incident, promising to prove Edmundo had only unintentionally punched the Santos defender Sandro in the mouth.

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