‘When I signed Manchester City were more English, now it’s a global club’

Barcelona midfielder Denis Suárez admits his time in Manchester was probably too soon for both parties and is impressed with Pep Guardiola’s changes

Denis Suárez has an answer to that question: the one about Lionel Messi and a wet Wednesday night in Stoke. “Of course he could,” he says quietly, hardly heard over the rain against the roof. “He’d pick up the ball, dribble past three players and hit it into the top corner.”

Suárez knows better than most; he has been there, seen that. He nods in the direction of the Sant Joan Despí training pitch where Barcelona have just finished the morning session on a sodden pitch, while eight kilometres beyond lies the Camp Nou – and the last time he was there, Messi scored a hat-trick against Manchester City. On a wet Wednesday night.

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