When football fans did not see a single match on TV over Christmas

British broadcasters are showing 41 Premier League games this month. In December 1985, there was no football on TV at all

By Steven Pye for That 1980s Sports Blog

Overindulgence is often a problem over the festive period and this is not just limited to food and drink. There will be 41 Premier League matches broadcast live on TV in the UK. When you add in games from the FA Cup, League Cup, Football League, Champions League, Europa League, European and global leagues, as well as all the highlights packages, is there a chance that we are reaching saturation point?

Football has not always been this way. Can you imagine the uproar if it had been announced in the summer that there would be no football on our TV screens this season? No live games, no Match of the Day, no Goals on Sunday, no Super Sunday, no Monday Night football and no clips on the news. That’s exactly happened in 1985.

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