Whatever your opinion on Lance Armstrong, liking his podcast is not a sin | Barry Glendenning

Forgiveness may still be a long way off but the disgraced cyclist’s Tour de France podcast is proving popular and he is well qualified to have an opinion

Opinions vary among cycling fans on just how good or bad this year’s Tour de France has been. With only two stages left we find ourselves in the welcome situation where the top step of the Paris podium is still up for grabs but many have felt short-changed by a route that has been heavily criticised, not to mention the more unforeseeable early exits of a clutch of the peloton’s finest through injury or controversial disqualification.

What few who have heard it can contest, however, is that some of the most intelligent, insightful and amusing analysis of this year’s race has been offered from the back of a converted Winnebago generally parked up somewhere in Colorado. There’s just one small or very big problem: the man delivering these forthright opinions is Lance Armstrong.

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